Dream Study #114

By Dream Study #114 (other events)

4 Dates Through Apr 04, 2019

You are Dr. Rose Hallard’s latest experimentee, pulled into her recurring dream in order to help her escape… Dream Study #114 , an interactive puzzle-based play set at ETA Bar in Highland Park. 

Dream Study #114 is an interactive theatrical puzzle-based experience.

Dr. Rose Hallard is the world’s preeminent researcher of dreams, and she is inviting participants like yourself to lend their brains in furthering the science of dream research. You will be joining Dr. Hallard inside one of her most important dreams, which occurred in 1983 at ETA Bar in Highland park. But keep an eye out for anyone who might be trying to sabotage the study... If anything goes wrong, you just might have to help Dr. Hallard escape, or else you’ll all be trapped in the dream forever...

Arrive within the hour of your ticket time slot. You may stay as long as you wish, until the dream is over (when the bar closes around midnight).

There is a full bar with specialty cocktails made exclusively for the Study. 21+ Only. Sci-fi/fantasy themes, adult language, and loud music included. Come ready to interact with other dreamers and solve mysterious puzzles.